50m x 7m : 60mm SQ 60Ply / 2.9mm Diameter


Overall Bundle Size: 50m x 7m


Our 2.9mm (60Ply) High Density Polyethylene Knotted Netting is a professional Grade, UV stabilised, high strength netting suitable for permanent indoor and outdoor installations. The durable and robust manufacture ensures the netting is designed to last, even in trying environmental conditions.
This netting is simple and efficient to work with. Being a square mesh design, it can significantly reduce installation times and labor costs. This netting won't pull or stretch in either direction, which allows for precise installations.


Our Quatra branded 2.9mm HDPE (60ply) square Mesh Knotted net is a leading product for specification into tenders and construction designs.


As testament to its reliability and quality, Quatra Brand nets are the selected netting of over 30 installers and resellers throughout Australia and New Zealand.



Indoor and Outdoor Heavy Duty Sports Net Installations (larger balls)

Slow Feeder Hay:
Horse slow feeder hay net manufacture (Heavy Duty)


Barrier netting
Waste Control Netting
General Purpose



Colour: Black
Manufacture: 400Denier / 60ply High Density Polyethylene
Mesh Size: 60mm x 60mm
Twine Thickness: 2.9mm
Overall Bundle Size: 50m x 7m

Other Specifications:
UV Stabilised
Square Mesh Design
Knotted / Twisted Construction
HDPE will not absorb water, therefore not changing the properties of the netting during inclement weather.

Bulk and Wholesale inquiries are welcomed on this range of product.


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