Cricket Cage (Open End) 16m x 3.6m


Haverford sports net cages feature both the highest quality netting and manufacturing finishes. These nets are designed to cater for cricket clubs, commercial applications, and for high-end residential setups.

What’s Included?

This item is the choice of either “net only” or "Net with 6 x 4m Heavy Duty 80mm Net Support Post" option.

The net itself is a high quality 16m (L) x 3.6m (w) x 3m (h) “1-piece” design, with all edges and finishes crafted to a very high standard. It has tie ropes in each corner, as well as the centre point… and also comes with a pre-fitted impact CURTAIN NET approx. 30cm from the rear of the cage. The roof is a “half-roof”, being 5m in length.

If you need advice on supporting structures please see below.

Residential Open End Cricket Cage Net

This cage is made of an even higher grade of material than our standard cricket net panels, ensuring it is designed for extended outdoor use, even for adults at a high level. The size is large, ensuring a professional grade facility in your own backyard.

Being open ended, it allows for full length run up of bowlers, similar to your traditional cricket-nets setup. The cage-net features a Heavy Duty Hitting Curtain located at the end behind the batter. This is a key factor that ensures the lifespan of your netting. All edges are professionally finished with 6mm overlock stitched rope, and tie ropes are conveniently positioned for tying onto your frame or wire supports. The roof extends half way only, allowing for the loop of spin bowlers in particular.

The net is all 1-piece (you don't need to join all the panels together)

Length: 16m
Height: 3m
Width: 3.6m

Key specifications:
• Loosely hung Curtain Impact net at rear of cage behind batter
• Made of Heavy Duty 3mm (60ply) High Density Polyethylene
• UV treated - Suitable for permanent outdoor use
• 44mm Square Mesh Size
• Overlocked and stitched 6mm rope borders on all edges
• Attachment ropes in corners
• Roof Extends Half Way only (suitable for spin bowling practice)
• Frame not included

Residential and club grade Cricket Netting

OPTIONAL: Net with 6 x 4m Heavy Duty 80mm Net Support Post

Heavy Support Post: Steel Post, finished in black for a sleek finish. Pad Eye attachment & other accessories seen in photo are NOT included.


  • 4m overall length
  • 80mm x 80mm hollow Square (2mm thickness)
  • Weight: 16kg
  • Each post comes with a plastic top cap
  • Steel Post, finished in gloss black for a sleek finish. They are a 1 piece post.

These posts are a Heavy Duty option for suspending sports (and other) netting products. A 1 piece heavy duty steel product, they are designed to be concreted into the ground as part of a permanent setup.

Bulk and Wholesale inquiries are welcomed on this range of product.