Quatra Bird Netting 19mm 6Ply Diamond Mesh Knotted HDPE: 50m x 15m

19mm 6Ply Diamond Mesh Knotted HDPE: 50m x 15m

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Our 6ply High Density Polyethylene Knotted Netting is a 1st Grade, light weight, high strength netting suitable for permanent Bird Control installations. The 6/Strand & Black colour design ensures the netting is unobtrusive, and the high GSM ensures the netting is designed to last, even in trying environmental conditions.

Our Quatra branded 6ply HDPE Diamond Mesh Knotted net is a leading product for specification into tenders and construction designs throughout Australia and New Zealand.

As testament to the reliability and quality, this netting is the selected product of over 25 prominent professional Bird Proofing Installers, resellers and organisations throughout Australia.


Warehouse / Factory Bird Control
Commercial Bird Netting Application
Building rooftop stone access prevention for birds
Domestic Sheds and Verandah bird control netting
Permanent Installation for Orchard Bird Protection
Ideal for Sparrow sized birds & larger


Colour: Black
Manufacture: 500denier / 6ply High Density Polyethylene
Mesh Size: 19mm x 19mm
Twine Thickness: 1.0mm
GSM: 54 Grams Per Square Metre
Overall Bundle Size: 50m x 15m

Other Specifications:

UV Stabilised
Knotted / Twisted Construction
Rope marker ties in corners of net for quick and simple unpacking & identification
Effective, Durable, Discreet, Immediate Bird Control
HDPE will not absorb water, therefore not changing the properties of the netting during inclement weather.

Technical Information:

Twine Breaking Strength: 15.3 KGF
Knot Breaking Strength: 20.0 KGF
Note: These do not relate to the overall weight capacity of the net, and are indicative of individual strands only.

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