Mono Gill Net: 7" Mesh 25m x 2m


PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING: Important information regarding Sale & Purchase of Pre-Made Fishing Nets to Individuals within Australia

Available for sale to :

  • Individuals in Western Australia and Tasmania
    • Use of this net in W.A and Tas may also be regulated in certain waterways, and we encourage all customers to check with the local fisheries department prior to purchase and use.
  • Pacific Islands (Direct export Only / No Pickup)

For sale in all other states - NSW, QLD, SA, NT, ACT, VIC:

  • Available for sale to all states and Territories of Australia when being supplied to a registered business.
    • Full business details including Name, Address, Phone and ABN must be supplied.
  • Available for sale to appropriately Licensed COMMERCIAL fishermen
  • Available for sale to Permit Holders obtained from Fisheries Department
  • License # must be obtained for Fishing Mesh Net sold in NSW


Without providing the required information, your order will not be processed and your funds will be refunded.


Haverford imports and supplies Pre-Made Gill Nets direct to to the public. The nets use top quality Double Diamond netting and come complete with netting, floats rope and lead-rope:


Netting mesh Size : 7" Stretched (3.5" x 3.5")
Netting Construction: Clear Monofilament Nylon
Netting Gauge: Line 14
Overall Size: 25m x 2m

High quality Braided top rope
Top rope complete with Floats
Braided LEAD-CORE bottom rope (weighted rope)

Further to this range of "Pre-Made" Gill nets, Haverford also stocks a range of Gill net Mesh netting Bunts, along with accompanying floats and leads. Please contact our staff on (02)97715288 for further assistance with our professional grade range of gill nets.