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Our netting calculator makes it easy for you to purchase for your specific needs. From soccer to cricket, golf to baseball/softball, and even basketball, we've got you covered.

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At Haverford, we offer a custom made netting service on the majority of our netting products. This includes custom load covers for utes and other vehicles through to sports netting and more.

Just some of the custom solutions we can provide for include:
• Custom made sports nets and ball barrier nets
• Custom made soccer/fussball goal nets
• Custom made cricket/baseball cages
• Custom made load containment nets / ute nets
• Custom made racking, barrier and debris nets
• Custom made fishing, aquaculture and fyke net varieties
• Any other unique customised requirements

Your netting customisation options include:

Netting Style

Our customisation service covers almost all of our “Square” and “Crossweave” mesh nets.

Rope Edging

Adds a strong and flexible finish to your net perimeter, while maintaining a professional finish.

Webbing/Tape Border Material

A webbing border is an alternate way to create a strong and flexible perimeter to your net and allows for the attachment of eyelets.

Overall custom shape and size

We can cut your net to almost any specific shape or size to suit your needs.

Net panel joining

Need a size larger than what's available on our website?
We offer a panel joining service on almost all of our square mesh net sizes.

Customisation details

Netting Style

Our customisation service covers almost all of our “Square” and “Crossweave” mesh nets. Nets can be joined together to create more larger sizes than available on our website. Please feel free to view our entire range of netting styles and then contact us for a custom-finished solution to suit. No enquiry is too small, and no enquiry is too unusual. Challenge us with your design, from small residential enquiries through to large commercial fitouts.

Rope Edging (including weighted lead rope)

This is our most cost effective, and common net customisation. A rope edge border basically entails a thick poly rope being stitched around the perimeter of your net. We use an Industrial grade Overlocking machine to bind the rope securely to the net.

Added advantages of a rope edge finish:
• A neat and professional aesthetic for your nets edge
• A cost effective option for greatly added Strength to the perimeter of your netting.
• Is flexible in terms of working with complex shapes and corners such as: o Cargo ute cover Nets in a “T-Shape” or a “L-Shape” to fit neatly around toolboxes.
• Choice of rope edge colour: Black, Grey/Blue, Grey/Green, Orange/Black, Orange/Blue, Green.

White Common applications for Rope Edging Finish:
• Commercial and Residential Sports-Barrier nets
• Load Cover Cargo Ute cover nets (including T and L shape Nets)
• Rubbish / Waste control nets
• Custom –made soccer and fussball nets (with optional coloured rope edging to suit club colours)
• Safety & debris nets
• All general purpose netting

Rope Diameter can be selected using the following:
• 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm (using overlock industrial machine)
• 10mm and above (hand laced and stitched)

Optional considerations: Lead Core Rope: Our weighted rope is an excellent option where you require your net to be weighed down at the base.
We currently supply this rope in a 12mm diameter (black), and it offers 360grams per metre. Therefore if you wanted to add some weight to the base of your sliding 10m cricket net, this rope would add an additional 3.6kg.

Webbing/Tape border material (with or without Eyelets)

A webbing border with attachment eyelets is a common edge finishing option. This option is neat, strong and flexible in its applications.

Common applications for this finish include:
• Top Edge for a
sliding Sports Curtain Net. This would entail a webbing double stitched onto the top edge of the net, with Stainless Steel Eyelets inserted at regular intervals (allowing the sports curtain to slide along a tensioned support Wire).
• All sided edge for Utes / Trailers etc. The webbing ensures strength at the nets weakest point, and the convenience of customisable eyelet positioning gives you the flexibility to create the perfect fit.
• Luggage and goods cargo restraints
• Skip Bin Cover Nets
• Pallet and warehouse safety nets
• General purpose safety nets

Quality components and flexible choices.

The webbing is available in 2 styles. Both are hard wearing and
designed for continued outdoor usage. The Polyester is slightly more flexible, and is therefore a good option for Sliding Application, whereas the PVC repels dirt and dust so is a good option for load cover cargo nets and the like.
• Polyester fabric (80mm width folded over the edge of the net to create an effective 40mm border)

Overall custom shape and size

Haverford can supply nets to your specific custom size and shape.
Common applications which involve unusual shapes and patterns include:
• Cargo Ute Nets and load covers
• Decorative Interior and exterior design projects

We can offer you a quotation to cut your net to size, and then if
required we can add an additional edging treatment (webbing or rope
border) to finish off your net neatly.

Net panel joining

Have you seen a net on our website that suits your application, however it isn’t wide enough (or long enough)?

We offer a net joining service on most of our square net varieties,
that can increase your spans with a neat and strong professional join.
Our overlock stitching machine can create an effective and continuous
join, with no gaps.

The join can be created using:
• Stitching twine only (if you are a discreet join) or
• Stitching twine and a poly rope (if you are after maximum strength).

Please contact our staff to discuss the net joining options for your netting application.

If you're not sure your project will fit the bill, send it to us anyway. We'll let you know within a couple of days if we can help.

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