3m Support Post W/ Guide Wires & Pegs

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What's Included?

This item is for ONE single post and accessories:
• 1 Support Post:
32mm Steel Tube, finished in gloss black for a sleek finish. They come with included Turf/Grass Spikes and are a simple 4-piece “Click-Lock” type of assembly.
• Support Wires: 2 Stainless Steel Wires are included to tie down the post.
• Heavy Duty pegs: 1 peg per wire for securing to your grass surface.

To purchase multiple posts please change the quantity field to your desired amount of posts.

Intended for use with the following products:

5m x 2.7m Backyard Cricket Net Cage
10 x 3m Backyard Cricket Net Cage
3m x 3m Rope Border Golf Impact Net
Sports Barrier Nets W/- Rope Edging (10m x 3m + 5m x 3m) 100mmSq + 40mmsq (NEW)
Sports Barrier nets W/- Webbing (3m, 3.7m, 5.5m Length)

There are other endless possibilities for usage at your discretion.

Although only sold as a 3m height, please note that individual parts can be removed for use as a 1.1m or 2m height if necessary.


Support Posts:
The posts are made from 32mm Steel Tube, finished in gloss black for a sleek finish. They come in 4 parts, and use a simple “Click-Lock” type of assembly. They come with a Turf/Grass Spike at the base, making them suitable ONLY for installation on Grass/Turf areas. (If your grassed area is dry, making it hard… you may be required to prepare the turf prior to installation. The spikes are designed for insertion to medium to soft grass surfaces only, with excessive force being used to insert into hard surfaces potentially damaging the spikes.) The posts are finished at the top with a plastic cap, and have a Support-Wire eyelet included.

Support Wires:
The support wires are stainless steel, and are coated in nylon to make them soft to the touch. There are two wires for each post, and they simply attach to the eyelet at the top of each post using the included 316 Grade Stainless Steel Carabiner. The support wires are then taken down to the surrounding grassed area to ensure the post stability. We include 1 Turf Peg per wire, and they are a VERY HEAVY duty peg designed to hold their position over a long period of time.

Heavy Duty Ground Peg:
The Heavy Duty Ground peg are specifically designed for hard ground to enable the pegs to drive into harder ground than what our competitors can. The key-head design also locks into the ground, preventing the tent peg from spinning. The peg is made from hi-tensile steel and has a unique chisel point in order to ensure that the pegs drives straight when hammered into the ground.
Length: 225mm
Material: Galvanised Steel
Gauge: 6.3mm

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