3m Fence Mounted Support Post


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This item is for ONE single post and accessories:
• 1 Fence Mount Support Post:
 3m high, 30mm Steel Tube, finished in gloss black for a sleek finish. They are a simple 3-piece “Click-Lock” method of assembly.
• Support Wire: A 2m Stainless Steel Wire is included to fasten the post from the tip down to the fence (to add additional stability)

To purchase multiple posts please change the quantity field to your desired amount of posts.

*Net NOT included with this product*. See below for the full package.


Sports Barrier Nets W/- Rope Edging 100mm Sq
Sports Barrier Nets W/- Rope Edging 40mm sq

There are other endless possibilities for usage at your discretion
Although only sold as a 3m height, please note that individual parts can be removed for installs where you do not need excessive height.

Please note that this product is to stop occasional balls going over your fence. It is not designed to be used like a “goal” or “target” that the ball is smashed into at full speed repeatedly. If that is the application you are after, we would recommend our Permanent 4m long Heavy Duty posts which are concreted into the ground.

The bottom “part” comes with 3 pre-drilled holes for attachment to your fence. For additional support you can drill ADDITIONAL holes in your posts to keep them firm against your fence. The posts can also be moved vertically (up and down) to reach your ideal height. Please note that the higher you go, the less stable the posts will be.

Your netting is tied onto the 2 attachment eyelets, and additional cable ties (not included) can be used to fasten the netting at additional points up along the post.

A wire cable with carabiner snap hook is included, and will need to be used to provide additional support to the post at the top. (light duty applications may not require the support cable)

Please note that the screws to attach to your fence are NOT included.

Support Posts:
The posts are made from 30mm Square Steel Tube, finished in gloss black for a sleek finish. They come in 3 parts, and use a simple “Click-Lock” method of assembly. The posts are finished at the top with a neat plastic cap, and have 2 attachment eyelets included.

Support Wire:
The support wire is stainless steel, and are coated in nylon to make them soft to the touch. There is 1 wire for each post, and they simply attach to the eyelet at the top of each post using the included 316 Grade Stainless Steel Carabiner. The support wire is then taken down to the fence to ensure the posts stability.