6m Telescopic Squid Pole



Haverford supplies Extendable Telescopic Poles for various uses including but not limited to:

  • Squid Fishing / Rock Fishing
  • Amateur Radio
  • Lightweight Flag Poles
  • 4WD remote antenna pole


  • Specifications:
    • High Quality Fibreglass Construction (nil carbon for radio antennae usage/interference)
    • Approximate wall thickness 1.1mm
    • 6m Pole collapses to approx 1.2m length.
    • 6m Pole constructed using 6 parts
    • Overall Weight: 0.62kg
    • Tip Diameter: 2mm
    • Base Diameter: 31mm (excluding screw cap)
    • Rubber cap to close open end
    • Plastic screw cap at base
    • Supplied in a resealable Poly Bag


  • Squid Pole Range: General Information
    • Thin tip end
    • Light Weight
    • Small eyelet at tip of pole
    • Black or White colours available in selected sizes
    • Has a fishing graphic printed on pole


Haverford supplies this range of telescopic poles throughout various industries, and is the proud supplier of many Amateur Radio Clubs, Flag Retailers and more.