Backyard Cricket Practice Cage Net 5m x 2.7m


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A complete net and post package, suitable for Backyard Cricket Practice at a high level. If you’ve got a suitable area, this will definitely help take yours (or your kids) game to the next level. It will stop the ball going over the fence as often, and is designed to last many years. This is a seriously high quality net, designed to be left outdoors all year. The package is affordable, and the posts are conveniently Semi-Permanent. It is FUN, FUN, FUN… Setup your children with a Bowling Machine perhaps, and watch their game go to the next level in the convenience & safety of your own backyard.

What’s included & is it suitable for my yard?

This item is the complete Cricket Cage package. Selecting this option gets you:

• Netting: A high quality 5m x 3m (h) x 2.7m (w) “1-piece” design cricket Cage, with all edges and finishes crafted to a very high standard. It has tie ropes in each corner, and has a full 5m length roof.
• Support Wires: 2 Stainless Steel Wires are included for EACH post, along with Heavy Duty pegs for securing to your grass surface. Select this option if you plan to create a very high quality Cricket Cage in your backyard.

• 4 Support Posts (Choice between Turf Ground Spike or H-Shaped Base Stand)

  • Turf Ground Spike: 3m high, 32mm Steel Tube, finished in gloss black for a sleek finish. They come with included Turf/Grass Spikes and are a simple 4-piece “Click-Lock” type of assembly.
  • H-Shaped Base Stand: 3m high, 38mm Steel Tube, finished in gloss black for a sleek finish. The post comes with included heavy duty H-Shaped base stand and a simple 4-piece “Click-Lock” type of assembly.

• Have Grass/turf where you plan for your cage to be setup. (The Turf Ground Spike have a turf/spike on the bottom so cannot therefore be attached onto a Hard Surface)
• Have a hard surface (driveway, pavers, concrete etc) where you plan for your cage to be setup. The H-Shaped Base Stand can be set up and secured with our guide wires or by bolting the base stand into the surface.
• Looking for a more semi-permanent type of installation (put it up just during Cricket Season OR leave it up all year round.. it’s up to you).
• Have enough space to fit the cage, as well as some surrounding space for the pole support wires.

Complete Backyard Cricket Cage

Length: 5m
Height: 3m
Width: 2.7m

Netting Specifications:
This cage is made of the same netting material as our standard cricket net panels, ensuring it is designed for permanent outdoor use, even for adults at a high level. The size has been reduced compared to the other cages, making it an ideal option for residential spaces where size may be limited.

Being open ended, it allows for full length run up of bowlers, similar to your traditional cricket-nets setup. All edges are professionally finished with 6mm overlock stitched rope, and tie ropes are conveniently positioned for tying onto your frame or wire supports. This particular cage offers high quality in a convenient backyard size.
The net is all 1-piece (you don't need to join all the panels together)

Key specifications:
• Made of Heavy Duty 2mm (36ply) High Density Polyethylene
• UV treated – Suitable for permanent outdoor use
• 44mm Square Mesh Size
• Overlocked and stitched 6mm rope borders on all edges
• Attachment ropes in corners
• Full length roof to keep the ball out of your neighbours backyard as much as possible

Support Posts Specifications:
This cage comes with 4 Support Posts with a choice between Turf Ground Spike or H-Shaped Base Stand.

Turf Ground Spike: 
The posts are made from 32mm Steel Tube, finished in gloss black for a sleek finish. They come in 4 parts, and use a simple “Click-Lock” type of assembly.
They come with a Turf/Grass Spike at the base, making them suitable ONLY for installation on Grass/Turf areas. (If your grassed area is dry, making it hard… you may be required to prepare the turf prior to installation. The spikes are designed for insertion to medium to soft grass surfaces only, with excessive force being used to insert into hard surfaces potentially damaging the spikes.)

Base Stand: 3m high, 38mm Steel Tube, H-Shaped, finished in gloss black for a sleek finish. The post comes with included heavy duty H-Shaped base stand and a simple 4-piece “Click-Lock” type of assembly. 

Both posts are finished at the top with a plastic cap, and have a Support-Wire eyelet included.

The support wires are stainless steel, and are coated in nylon to make them soft to the touch. There are two wires for each post, and they simply attach to the eyelet at the top of each post using the included 316 Grade Stainless Steel Carabiner.

The support wires are then taken down to the surrounding grassed area to ensure the post stability. We include 1 Peg per wire, and they are a VERY HEAVY duty peg designed to hold their position over a long period of time.

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