Ball Stop Barrier Nets with Support Posts - 100mm sq (Multiple Sizes)


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Balls constantly going over your neighbours fence?

Want to contain balls during practice at the park?

This item is a complete “Netting & Support post” package, suitable for containing larger balls including:
• Soccer balls
• Footballs / league & Afl
• Basketball
• Volleyball 
• & similar balls of this size

Netting overall size: With a support post at either end - 100mm Square Mesh Size.

A complete net and post package, suitable for Backyard Sports Practice at a high level. If you’ve got a suitable area, this will definitely help take yours (or your kids) game to the next level. It will stop the ball going over the fence as often, and is designed to last many years. This is a seriously high quality net, designed to be left outdoors all year. The package is affordable, and the posts are conveniently Semi-Permanent. It is FUN, FUN, FUN… Setup your yard with one of these nets, and watch their game go to the next level in the convenience & safety of your own backyard.

What’s included & is it suitable for my yard?

This item is a complete Ball Barrier package. Selecting this option gets you:
• Netting: A high quality Polyethylene Net with edge finishes crafted to a very high standard. It has a heavy duty rope stitched border with 500mm Tie-Offs in each corner.
• Support Wires: 2 Stainless Steel Wires are included for EACH post.
• Heavy Duty pegs: For securing the wires to your grass surface.

• 2 Support Posts (Choice between Turf Ground Spike or H-Shaped Base Stand)

  • Turf Ground Spike: 32mm Steel Tube, finished in gloss black for a sleek finish. They come with included Turf/Grass Spikes and are a simple 4-piece “Click-Lock” type of assembly.
  • Base Stand: 3m high, 38mm Steel Tube, H-Shaped, finished in gloss black for a sleek finish. The post comes with included heavy duty H-Shaped base stand and a simple 4-piece “Click-Lock” type of assembly.

Select this package if you plan to create a very high quality barrier net in your backyard, and:
• Have Grass/turf where you plan for your posts to be setup. (The posts have a turf/spike on the bottom so cannot therefore be attached onto a Hard Surface)
• Have a hard surface (driveway, pavers, concrete etc) where you plan for your cage to be setup. The H-Shaped Base Stand can be set up and secured with our guide wires or by bolting the base stand into the surface.
• Looking for a more affordable option than Concreting in Heavy Duty support posts.
• Looking for a more semi-permanent type of installation (put it up just during sports Season OR leave it up all year round.. it’s up to you).
• Have enough space to fit the net, as well as some surrounding space for the pole support wires.

Key specifications:
• Made of Heavy Duty 2mm (36ply) High Density Polyethylene
• UV treated - Suitable for permanent outdoor use
• 100mm Square Mesh Size
• Overlocked and stitched 6mm rope borders on all edges
• Attachment ropes in corner
• 2 included Posts W/-Guide wires and pegs
• High End Residential and Club Grade Cricket Netting