Childrens Multi-Sport Cage Inc. Steel Frame


Haverford sports net cages feature both the highest quality netting and manufacturing finishes. This cage is NOT A TOY. It's not a cheap plastic product that is disposed of after 1 or so years. This is a high grade product that will last many years (made of Powdercoated steel and very heavy duty netting).

Childrens Golf / Multi Sport Practice Cage


The main feature of this practice cage is the quality and durability of the netting. It is constructed of top of the range Knotted Polyethylene Netting, with a heavy duty knotless nylon curtain/baffle net stitched 30cm in from the rear of the cage. The netting is also designed to suspend inwards of the frame to avoid any nasty rebounds off the framework.



  • Overall dimensions 2100mm x 2100mm x 2100mm excluding front wings
  • Heat Strengthened knotted polyethelene frame netting
  • Pre-stitched Knotless nylon baffle / curtain net included
  • Quality Reinforced green webbing on front & ground edges for framework enclosing
  • Webbed Front Wings for added safety, with tie down rope & eyelet
  • Rear and side netting extends to the frame via high strength Velcro to avoid nasty rebounds off frame
  • Smart aesthetics with strong Powdercoated Steel Frame
  • UV treated netting designed to last many years
  • The entire cage can be erected by one person in approximately 30-40 minutes, and no special tools are required. The frame and netting is finished off extremely well, and looks smart and sturdy.

Standing at 2100mm high, this enclosure has the advantage of being used in the garage, backyard or office.


The cage is PERFECT FOR CHILDREN, as they can stand completely within the cage and strike the ball safely and in full confidence. As well as golf practice, children can also use the cage for:

  • Golf Practice cage (real golf balls)
  • As a cricket backstop cage
  • T-Ball / Baseball practice (batting and pitching)
  • As a Baseball backstop cage
  • As a soccer goal
  • As a cage to practice kicking balls into