Climbing Cargo Net: 5m x 5m : 250mm Mesh / WHITE

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• Overall Cargo Net Size: 5m x 5m
• Mesh (Hole size): 250mm x 250mm Squares
• Rope Thickness: 10mm with an 18mm Rope Border
• Weight: 18.4kg
• Colour: White
• Rope: UV treated Polypropylene
• Corner + Additional Intermediate Tie Loops: Included on all cargo nets as per photos
• Manufacture Type: Knotted
• Reinforced lashing ties around perimeter for knot hold strength

These Haverford "Quatra" brand Cargo Nets are a heavy duty product, ideal for continued outdoor use. They have three key features that make them a suitable option for climbing in particular.

1: As opposed to just woven through, each rope square has a “knotted” weave which helps stabilise and maintain the squares integrity.
2: The Spliced Rope Perimeter also had reinforced Lashing Ties which ensures no slipping of the perimeter border knots.
3: The net has additional tie off rope points around the perimeter , ensuring an even weight distribution and added strength.

This 10mm (18mm border) item is ideally suited for Childrens use or infrquent Adult use. For continuous (heavy grade) Adult use in Gym’s and Adventure Courses we recommend our other listings in the 16mm (20mm Rope border) grade.

Common applications of this particular net include:
• Childrens Outdoor adventure and physical training
• Childrens Obstacle / Endurance Races
• Childrens Backyard Facility
• Load and goods containment
• Movie/Television Props

When using this net for a human climbing application, please be aware it is the purchaser’s responsibility to consult and abide by Health and Safety regulations. These nets do not come with a Load Certificate or Safety rating, and regulations regarding fixing should be consulted (particularly if being used in a commercial setting).


*PLEASE NOTE* Pictures shown are the 4m x 4m size for illustration purposes.