Drone Barrier Nets with Support Posts - 5m x 3m / 40mm sq


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This item is a complete “Netting & Support post” package, suitable for Drone flying, applications include:

  • Public demonstrations
  • Drone exhibitions
  • Indoor and outdoor flying
  • Practicing in a safe and enclosed environment

Netting overall size: 5m x 3m with a support post at either end - 40mm Square Mesh Size.

A complete net and post package, suitable for Drone flying. If you’ve got a suitable area, this will definitely help take yours (or your kids) flying to the next level. This is a seriously high quality net, designed to be left outdoors all year. The package is affordable, and the posts are conveniently Semi-Permanent. It is FUN, FUN, FUN…

What’s included & is it suitable for my yard?

This item is a complete Drone Barrier package. Selecting this option gets you:
• Netting: A high quality 5m x 3m Polyethylene Net with edge finishes crafted to a very high standard. It has a heavy duty rope stitched border with 500mm Tie-Offs in each corner.
• Support Wires: 2 Stainless Steel Wires are included for EACH post.
• Heavy Duty pegs: For securing the wires to your grass surface.

• 2 Support Posts (Choice between Turf Ground Spike or H-Shaped Base Stand)

  • Turf Ground Spike: 32mm Steel Tube, finished in gloss black for a sleek finish. They come with included Turf/Grass Spikes and are a simple 4-piece “Click-Lock” type of assembly.
  • H-Shaped Base Stand: 3m high, 38mm Steel Tube, finished in gloss black for a sleek finish. The post comes with included heavy duty H-Shaped base stand and a simple 4-piece “Click-Lock” type of assembly.

Select this package if you plan to create a very high quality barrier net in your backyard, and:
• Have Grass/turf where you plan for your posts to be setup. (The posts have a turf/spike on the bottom so cannot therefore be attached onto a Hard Surface)
• Have a hard surface (driveway, pavers, concrete etc) where you plan for your cage to be setup. The H-Shaped Base Stand can be set up and secured with our guide wires or by bolting the base stand into the surface.
• Looking for a more affordable option than Concreting in Heavy Duty support posts.
• Looking for a more semi-permanent type of installation.
• Have enough space to fit the net, as well as some surrounding space for the pole support wires.

Key specifications:
• Made of Heavy Duty 2mm (36ply) High Density Polyethylene
• UV treated - Suitable for permanent outdoor use
• 40mm Square Mesh Size
• Overlocked and stitched 6mm rope borders on all edges
• Attachment ropes in corner
• 2 included Posts W/-Guide wires and pegs