Fluro Tubing

Haverford Fluro Tubing is available in the following sizes:

Packaging: Bags of 100

5m Mini Lengths:

  • 3mm o/d 1.5mm i/d Pink (code 4996)
  • 3mm o/d 1.5mm i/d Green (code 4997)
  • 4.5mm o/d 3mm i/d Red (code 9890)

100m Bulk Rolls:

  • 4.5mm o/d 3mm i/d Green (greentube-3mm-100)

400m Bulk Rolls:

  • 4mm o/d 2mm i/d Red (redtube-2mm)
  • 4mm o/d 2mm i/d Green (greentube-2mm)
  • 4.5mm o/d 3mm i/d Green (greentube-3mm)