Heavy Duty Golf Impact Practice Net: 3m x 3m with Support Posts


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Pre-Made net: (3m x 3m overall size) complete package

  • Reinforced ROPE BORDER all 4 sides
  • UV treated 2mm Knotless Netting
  • 15mm x 15mm Mesh Size (Square mesh)

What’s included?

This item is a complete Golf Practice Net package. Selecting this option gets you:
• Pre-Made net:
Professional grade knotless nylon netting - 3m x 3m
• 2 Support Posts:
32mm Steel Tube, finished in gloss black for a sleek finish. They come with included Turf/Grass Spikes and are a simple 4-piece “Click-Lock” type of assembly.
• Support Wires: 2 Stainless Steel Wires are included for EACH post.
• Heavy Duty pegs: For securing the wires to your grass surface.

Select this package if you plan to create a very high quality Golf Net, and:
• Have Grass/turf where you plan for your posts to be setup. (The posts have a turf/spike on the bottom so cannot therefore be attached onto a Hard Surface)
• Looking for a more affordable option than Concreting in Heavy Duty support posts.
• Looking for a more semi-permanent type of installation (put it up just during sports Season OR leave it up all year round.. it’s up to you).
• Have enough space to fit the net, as well as some surrounding space for the pole support wires.

Our 2mm (72ply) Knotless Nylon Netting is a professional Grade, UV stabilised, high strength netting suitable for permanent outdoor installations. The durable and robust manufacture ensures the netting is designed to last, even in trying environmental conditions.
This netting is simple and efficient to work with. Being a square mesh design, it can significantly reduce installation times and labor costs. This netting won't pull or stretch in either direction, which allows for precise installations.

Our Quatra branded 2mm Knotless Nylon square Mesh net is a leading product for specification into tenders and construction designs throughout Australia and New Zealand.

As testament to its reliability and quality, Quatra Brand nets are the selected netting of over 30 installers and resellers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Colour: Black
Manufacture: 2mm Knotless Nylon
Mesh Size: 15mm x 15mm
Twine Thickness: 2mm
Overall Weight: 3.4kg

Other Specifications:
• Attachment ropes in corner
• 2 included Turf Posts W/-Guide wires and pegs
• UV Stabilised
• Square Mesh Design
• Knotless Construction
• Rope Edged Border

Golf Impact Net
Small Ball Barrier Net

Safety applications / Debris Catch Netting
Barrier netting
General Purpose

Bulk and Wholesale inquiries are welcomed on this range of product.

This product is also available with an added Fire Retardant for specified construction applications. Fire retardant netting is not generally carried as a stock item in our Sydney warehouse, and will require advanced ordering. Minimum quantities will also apply.

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