Heavy Duty Polyethylene Hard Laid Twine


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Available for “online purchase”, are the following thicknesses in Polyethylene Hard laid twine. Please feel free to contact us for information on our “full range” of available colours and ply's.

Thicknesses and lengths of spool:

  • 400/9ply (1mm) (Approx 2264m)
  • 400/12ply (1.3mm) (Approx 1616m)
  • 400/15ply (1.35mm) (Approx 1364m)
  • 400/18ply (1.4mm) (Approx 1190m)
  • 400/21ply (1.45mm) (Approx 977m)
  • 400/24ply (1.5mm) (Approx 806m)
  • 400/27ply (1.7mm) (Approx 760m)
  • 400/30ply (1.95mm) (Approx 731m)
  • 400/36ply (2mm) (Approx 572m)
  • 400/48ply (2.5mm) (Approx 382m)
  • 400/60ply (2.9mm) (Approx 288m)
  • 400/150ply (4.5mm) (Approx 128m)

All spools of twine are 1kg.
All spools are UV treated


A versatile and hard wearing twine, suitable for joining and repairing thicker ply nets.

Some of the most common applications include: 

    • Hayfeeder Horse Feed Netting manufacture or repair (48ply or 60ply)
    • Commercial sports netting repairs (48ply)
    • Residential sports net repair (36ply or 48ply)
    • Fishing net hanging and repair (various plys)
    • Heavy Duty Bird net repair / joining (36ply or below)
    • Overlocker / Rope Edging machine