Insect Net: Fruit Tree Cover


The cover is made of specially fabricated Insect net with the primary function to protect individual plants or small trees from insect/pest attacks and thereby reducing dependence on toxic agrochemicals.

Benefits observed in Citrus Trees:

  • Trees grow 30% faster in the first 2 – 2 ½ years
  • Delays infection due to pests and helps in maximising yield up to year 9
  • 80 % Reduction in pesticide use and therefore reduction in cost

Base Fabric: Insect net 40 Mesh
Colour: Milky White
Top Diameter of Tree Cover : 75cm
Height of Tree Cover: 130cm
Weight / Bag : 0.5 Kg
105 GSM

Insect nets are used in various agriculture and horticulture applications mainly to protect vegetables and fruits from those crop insects that are small in stature but cause severe damage to vegetables and fruit on a large scale. These nets provide protection from insect such as aphids, whitefly, carrot fly, cabbage root fly and caterpillars etc. and also allow adequate vital sunlight, air and water for plants to grow.

These Insect Nets are woven High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament fabric. The individual monofilament yarns are woven together into a stable fabric structure with a superior combination of physical and mechanical properties. The product has excellent resistance to biological and chemical environments normally found in fields and is stable against exposure to ultraviolet.