Single Size Free-Standing Wildlife Enclosure

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1.8m Length
1.8m Depth
1.8m High

Our Single Size Free-Standing Wildlife Enclosure is delivered "ready to assemble" and includes everything you will need.

  • Upgraded to: Premium 19mm Stainless Steel Reinforced Netting
  • Simple one piece slip over design, can be easily assembled in minutes
  • Powdercoated Steel Frame
  • Heavy Duty Steel Corner Connectors
  • Stainless Steel Reinforced 19mm UV Treated Netting
  • Net reinforced with Rope Edging
  • Full Instructions for assembly
  • Weight Approx: 20kg (Other commercially available Enclosures using light-weight aluminium frames only weight approx 9kg). 

Please note that all new stock of this item has the “Horizontal component of the Zipper” located at the “top” of the enclosure (as per the main product image).

The superior materials used in this range of enclosures is what differentiates them from other cheaper alternatives on the market:

1: We use a STRONG Steel Frame: This is an absolute necessity in terms of keeping your wildlife safe outdoors. How do we know this? Well, for many years we sold the cheaper & lighter aluminium frames and we had so many issues we were forced to go back to the drawing board and redesign the frames. Yes it is great that they are light, however they are just not appropriate for permanent outdoor use. The enclosures become top heavy, buckling in the corner connectors which aren’t designed for this type of use.

2: Corner Connectors: As mentioned this is the most crucial aspect of the frame . Plastic connectors deteriorate in the sun rapidly, and when there is even moderate winds they become top heavy and crack. We sold them for many years (all different types) and we can assure you from the number of returns that we had that they are not suitable. We now have purpose built STEEL CONNECTORS with a simple pin lock system for assembly. Quick and strong!

3: Netting: We only use genuine Quatra netting. Tested to maintain 93% of strength after 10 years of outdoor use. We will simply not compromise on the netting quality. 

4: Accessories:

  • Zipper : Double Sided Zipper Chain

Our Single Size Free-Standing Wildlife Enclosures are made of Sturdy Powdercoated Steel, with heavy duty moulded steel reinforced corner connectors, and Extra-Tough UV stabilised and Professionally Edged Stainless Steel Reinforced 19mm Netting. This makes them ideal for indoors or for outdoor verandahs or backyards.

With thousands of enclosures sold throughout Australia and the world, Quatra has established itself as a main supplier and primary innovator in the wildlife containment industry. Based on customer feedback and extensive product testing, we've spent the previous 3 years developing freestanding enclosures that satisfied customers 3 main requirements: Our customers have noted that a freestanding enclosure must be:

  • Safe and comfortable
  • Strong and Sturdy
  • Must be affordable for all owners

Being made of a sturdy design, our Free-Standing Wildlife Enclosure are ideal for permanent home use as well as being an ideal option for:

  • Owners who are renting or moving often
  • Commercial vet/cattery/rescue home/pet stores etc
  • Not all netted enclosures are built the same, so here is a CLOSER LOOK at some of the important features .

Although overall weight is of concern, a Wildlife enclosure MUST still be sturdy and be able to withstand the elements. We have incorporated a strong, light weight steel frame, with purpose moulded SUPER STRONG STEEL CORNER CONNECTORS. As netted enclosures are generally top heavy by design, light weight plastic corner connectors just aren't suitable and safe as a design option.

With netting supplied for well over a thousand individual enclosures each year, we are confident in providing only the best quality netting. Our netting is pre-stretched to tension, is Heat set during manufacture and is of course UV Treated.

They are pre-fitted with a heavy duty, double sided 10mm NET zipper for entry and exit.

Advantages of a Wildlife Enclosure include:

  • Safe and cost effective method of allowing your pet some outdoor time
  • Light weight - can be moved quite easily from one area to another.
  • Suited for balconies where strata laws forbid complete net enclosure
  • All components are UV treated and suitable for outdoor usage
  • FULL STEEL corner connectors for superior strength