Custom Made Fishing Nets

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Haverford offers a net making service whereby you can have your individual netting “hung”, complete with net leads (or leaded rope), floats and top rope. This ensures you are “ready to fish” and it can be designed to your specific lengths, depths and individual needs.

Delivery times on these nets can be up to two weeks so please plan ahead if you are intending to take the completed net abroad on a particular date. Orders of all size are welcome, with Haverford supplying nets up to 1500m in length.

Please note that Fishing Nets are not available for purchase to the General Public, and a Valid, non-expired, commercial fishing license certified by Fisheries will be required.

All types of fishing nets can be made to your specifications.

Multi-filament Nylon (tarred)
Fyke, Eel and all research Netting and Traps


custom fish nets


Haverford also stocks a range of netting accessories:


Net Leads

Haverford stocks a variety of net leads suitable for fishing nets. Leads kept in stock include SOLID and SPLIT, available in a large variety of sizes. Net leads are ordered according to their: grams / length / bore and design (split or solid).

Lead Rope

Haverford stocks a large variety of twisted and braided lead rope.

Diameters from 6mm to 16mm in Twisted 3 Strand
Diameters from 3mm to 8mm in Braided
Weights from 5kg to 70kg

Net Mending Needles

Net needles used for net mending. Haverford stocks approximately 15 different sizes of net needles and a full range of Double Diamond twines in polyethylene and nylon materials.


Net Floats

Net floats for fishing nets are stocked in a number of materials. Common floats include hardened rubber (brown colour), P.V.C , and white styrene. Floats are also described according to various factors: length / diameter / bore and buoyancy.