Diamond Mesh Vineyard / Orchard Bird Netting

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Diamond Mesh Bird Netting

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Haverford Diamond Mesh Bird Netting is a versatile and durable solution for keeping birds away from large outdoor areas. Made from knotless polyethylene and treated for UV resistance. It's perfect...

One of our most popular bird netting options based on affordability and effectiveness. It is used in all rural scenarios from large vineyards through to commercial orchards. It is also commonly used for residential backyard fruit trees and vegetable gardens.

The fact that most birds can clearly see the white colour (from a distance), ensures that is just as much a visual deterrent as a physical barrier. We stock a large range of bundle sizes in this material, and can also import to your custom requirements. (subject to minimum qty’s)

This netting is made from High Density Polyethylene, has a 16mm x 16mm hole size and has a weight of 31Grams per Square metre.

Main Applications: 

  • Orchard netting 
  • Vineyard netting 
    • Vegetable Garden Net 
    • Backyard Fruit tree Netting 

(Not Permitted for use in Victorian Residential/Backyard settings)