Fyke / Eel Nets

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Holdfast Fishing Net Fyke / Eel Nets

Fyke / Eel Nets

Single Wing, 2 funnels, front ‘D’, 6 hoops and cod end drawstring 3 m wing x 50 cm drop, 30 mm knotless 20 ply mesh5 m wing x 60 cm...
Holdfast Fishing Net Galaxid Nets

Galaxid Nets

Fyke net. Single wing, front ‘D’ 60 cm high, 6 hoops & drawstring. 6mm mesh, 2 funnels4mm mesh, 2 funnels
Holdfast Fishing Net Plankton Nets

Plankton Nets

Tow net. Single front hoop, conical shape, collection vial. 500 micron mesh, 40 cm dia. hoop,1.5 m long, with exclusion mesh250 micron mesh, 40 cm dia. hoop,1.5 m long with...
Holdfast Fishing Net Larval Net

Larval Net

Fyke net. 2 wing 1.3 m drop, 2 funnels, 5 hoops. 2.5 m wings, 2 mm tricotDrift net. 1 funnel, 2 hoops 60 cm dia., soft parachute material cod end...
Holdfast Fishing Net Platypus Net

Platypus Net

3 wing net, ‘D’shaped hoops, topzips to access net compartments. 6mm mesh
Holdfast Fishing Net Seine Net

Seine Net

Floatline/Leadline(usually covered with 6mm mesh),with end loops. Many and varied lengths/drops and mesh types, middle cod end or bag option. 10 m x 2 m 2 mm mesh10 m x...

Haverford offers a range of:

  • Fyke Nets
  • Eel Nets
  • Galaxid Nets
  • Larval nets
  • Plankton nets
  • Seine nets
  • Custom Made nets.

Please view the products below, and do not hesitate to contact our staff for all your custom requirements.