Lobster Pots

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Fishing Other Fishing Other Cane Lobster Pot

Cane Lobster Pot

This lobster pot is designed to enhance your crabbing experience. With a generous diameter of 600mm and a height of 350mm, it provides ample space for capturing those elusive crustaceans....
Haverford Fishing Other Lobster Pot Starter Pack (NSW Compliant)

Lobster Pot Starter Pack (NSW Compliant)

Wire Lobster Pot Starter Pack: Includes: Wire Lobster Pot W/- Cane Entrance 6" Polystyrene Float Anode 12.5m UV Poly Rope Heavy Duty Bait Bag Wire lobster Pot with Cane Entrance...
Haverford Fishing Other Wire Lobster Pot W/- Cane Entrance (NSW Compliant)

Wire Lobster Pot W/- Cane Entrance (NSW Compliant)

Introducing our Wire Lobster Pot with Cane Entrance, designed to meet NSW compliance standards and enhance your crabbing experience. Crafted with care and attention to detail, this lobster pot is...
Haverford Natural Rattan Cane 6-10mm

Natural Rattan Cane 6-10mm

The cane is folded, and due to the shipping length being 2.5m, we only offer pickup from our Chipping Norton Warehouse on this item OR you can email us for...

Introducing our collection of Lobster Pots at Haverford! Whether you're a professional lobster fisherman or someone who enjoys catching their own seafood, we have the perfect selection of lobster pots to meet your needs. Explore our range of high-quality and durable wire lobster pots with cane entrances, as well as traditional cane lobster pots.

Our Wire Lobster Pot with Cane Entrance provides a reliable and effective way to catch lobsters. The cane entrance allows lobsters to enter the pot while preventing them from escaping. Made with sturdy wire construction, these pots are built to withstand the rugged conditions of the ocean.

For those who prefer the classic approach, our Cane Lobster Pot offers a traditional design that has been used for generations. Crafted from natural materials, these pots blend in seamlessly with the marine environment and provide an inviting space for lobsters to enter.

If you're just getting started with lobster fishing, our Lobster Pot Starter Pack is the ideal choice. This pack includes everything you need to get started, including a wire or cane lobster pot and any necessary accessories.