Mono-Filament Nylon Fishing Nets

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Haverford stocks Australia's largest range of nylon mono-filament netting. These types of fishing nets were introduced in the early 1970’s and are composed of a high strength single strand nylon material. Mono netting is generally used by professional fisherman, however mono netting is often also found in commonly used bait nets and cast nets. Please note that mono netting is illegal for fishing use in NSW (including mono cast and bait nets). Our range of Double Diamond Brand mono nets are UV treated and are available in a range of thickness, mesh sizes and colours.

Haverford stocks mono netting in over 17 thicknesses, ranging from line 1.5 (0.25mm diameter) through to Line 90 (1.85mm). These thicknesses relate to the thickness of the net cord and correspond to various breaking strains of net. These range from 3kg to 107kg breaking strains, with the heavier gauges primarily used for catching large Barramundi and shark. All Double Diamond nets are “double knotted” to ensure there is no knot slipping, and also to ensure that the mesh sizes remain true to their intended specifications.

Mono nets are always measured stretched mesh, depth wise and are only sold only by the full bundle. Almost all Haverford mono nets are selveged top and bottom using multifilament nylon netting. This assists the user in hanging the net to the rope, due to its ‘grippier’ feel.

Mono nets are available in a large range of lengths, mesh sizes and depths, however special orders are welcome subject to minimum quantities. Haverford also happily accepts requests for pre-hung nets with floats, rope and leads attached. Mono netting is very popular with fishermen in the Pacific Islands.


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