Multi-Filament Nylon Fishing Nets

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Multi-filament nylon netting was introduced in the 1960’s and still remains a popular, economical netting option. Although the introduction of multi-mono and mono netting has reduced the demand for multi-filament netting, it remains a commonly used option for:

Fishing nets
Shark proofing net – in heavy gauge ply
Household general purpose / decoration etc
Sports Barrier Nets

Multi-filament netting is a strong, UV treated netting. It is also a comparatively softer netting than other options. Haverford Double Diamond nylon nets have very tight, single knots.

One advantage of nylon multi-filament is that it is able to be dyed to almost any colour. Haverford can also supply the Dye colours as required.

This particular netting is available in gauges ranging from 4ply (the lightest and thinnest) right through to 280ply (the thickest). It is available in a variety of lengths and depths, and is generally “double selvaged” at both ends (has a double layer of netting of the same material at each end to help reinforce the netting ).

Multi- filament nylon can also be supplied with a tarred coating, called a tarred net. This is achieved by applying a resin tar to the net which hardens, strengthens and increases the lifespan of the net. Tarred nylon netting is generally black in colour.

Haverford’s Double Diamond nylon netting is also commonly supplied as a long "tubular" bundle, used commonly for crab witches hats and similar applications.



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