Multi-Mono Nylon Fishing Nets

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Multi-mono netting was introduced in 1975 as a softer alternative to single strand mono nets. Multi mono (as the name suggests) is simply a collection of several strands of mono cord. By using between 4 to 12 strands of thin mono cord, the result is a softer to handle netting, whilst maintaining high strength and usability. For use in NSW, multi mono nets must have a minimum of 7 strands.

Multi-Mono Terminology

0.5 x 8 (refers to 8 strands of 0.5 gauge line) or 1.5 x 4 (4 strands of thicker 1.5 line).

Haverford stocks multimono in a range from 0.5 x 8 through to 1.5 x 20, and in mesh sizes from 3/4" to 14".

All Double Diamond multi-mono netting is of the highest quality and comes double knotted, selvaged and UV treated. Multi mono nets are available in various colours including smokey grey, clear and light green. Multi-mono, as with mono netting , is primarily used by professional fishermen (gill nets etc) . However, it is also commonly found in recreational cast nets, bait nets and even as a decorative netting.

Multi mono netting is measured stretched depth wise and is only available as a full bundle purchase. Haverford also happily accepts requests for pre-hung nets with floats, rope and leads attached. Multi mono is also very popular with fishermen in the Pacific Islands.

Special orders are happily taken subject to minimum quantities and availability. 


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