Natural Fibre Rope

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Rope & Twine Rope and Twine Sisal Rope

Sisal Rope

From $127.00
SIZING CHART: DIAMETER LENGTH WEIGHT BREAKING LOAD CONSTRUCTION COLOUR CODE 6mm 250m 255kg Natural Fibre Sisal-6-250 8mm 125m 470kg Natural Fibre Sisal-8-125 10mm 125m 620kg Natural Fibre Sisal-10-125 12mm 80m...
Rope & Twine Rope and Twine Sisal Rope: BY-THE-METRE

Sisal Rope: BY-THE-METRE

From $1.20
Minimum of 10 metres.Sold "By-The-Metre" : Quantity refers to metres required. For Example if you require 12 metres of rope, enter 12 in the quantity field. SIZING CHART: DIAMETER WEIGHT...