Net Attachment Clips

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Quatra Accessories C-Clips Large Package (530 Clips)

C-Clips Large Package (530 Clips)

Netting clips for most applications: Secures netting to wire supports 16mm Clips Suitable for most netting products Galvanised Steel for added protection against the elements Package Includes: 1 set of...
Quatra Accessories C-Clips Mini Package (30 clips)

C-Clips Mini Package (30 clips)

Netting clips for most applications: Secures netting to wire supports 16mm Clips Suitable for most netting products Stainless Steel Package Includes: 1 set of Fastening Pliers 30 Netting Clips
Quatra Accessories C-Clips Bulk Bag (500 clips)

C-Clips Bulk Bag (500 clips)

Introducing our C-Clips Bulk Bag, the perfect solution for your clipping needs! Whether you're organising documents, securing cables, or bundling items together, our C-Clips are designed to make your tasks...
Quatra Accessories Hog Ring Clip System

Hog Ring Clip System

From $22.00
Hog Ring Plier for most applications. Durable all-steel construction. Easy to lock. one-hand operation. Automatic Feed. Options: Hog Ring Plier 2500 Galvanised Steel Hog Rings 2500 Stainless Steel Hog Rings...
Quatra Accessories 1000 Clips Only Ring Fastener System

Ring Fastener System

From $33.00
Fasten fencing to line wires at 25 metres per minute. Saves labour Precision casting Stainless steel jaws Loads quickly and easily
Holdfast Accessories Plastic Hooks

Plastic Hooks

Heavy Duty Plastic Hooks.
Quatra Accessories Heavy Duty Net Clip

Heavy Duty Net Clip

Heavy Duty Net Clip for most applications: Secures netting to wire supports Slides well on support wires making it a good option for curtain nets Heavy Duty Design Permanent clip...
Quatra Accessories Carabiner / Snap Hook | Stainless Steel

Carabiner / Snap Hook | Stainless Steel

Suitable for: Attaching nets to Wire Ropes and Equivalent. Suitable for sliding and quick release installation.   Specifications: 316 Grade Stainless Steel Size: 5mm Please contact us for wholesale /...
Holdfast Accessories Aluminium Crimps (single)

Aluminium Crimps / Swages (single)

Introducing our premium Aluminium Crimps, a vital tool for your wire installations and terminations. These high-quality crimps are perfect for larger projects, offering a quick and efficient alternative to wire...
Holdfast Accessories Aluminium & Copper Crimps

Aluminium & Copper Crimps / Swages (pack of 100)

From $3.30
Haverford stocks Aluminium and Copper Crimps in a variety of sizes. Crimps / Ferrules are used to terminate perimeter cable runs in corners. To securely crimp in place an appropriate...
Quatra Accessories Deluxe Crimping Pliers (wire cutters)

Deluxe Crimping Pliers (wire cutters)

These pliers have a dedicated Wire-Rope cutting blade. Using this tool makes cutting our Wire-Rope easy, and ensures a clean cut every time. It can cut up to 3mm Stainless...
Holdfast Accessories Bungee Ball

Bungee Ball

From $1.30
The Bungee Ball is a versatile and reliable tool designed to secure nets to various surfaces. Bungee Balls are ideal for a range of applications, from securing sports netting and...

Haverford supplies a range of convenient Clips for attachment / installation of your netting products.