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Quatra Accessories Bird Net Repair Twine - Free Needle

Bird Net Repair Twine - Free Needle

  Available for online purchase are the following thicknesses in UV treated nylon twine. Please feel free to contact us for our full range of available colours and ply's.  ...
Quatra Accessories Net Join / Repair Kit - FREE NEEDLE

Net Join / Repair Kit - FREE NEEDLE

This netting repair kit is suitable for net Joins and small repairs to damaged netting & equivalent. The Kit includes: 1 x 250g spool of Black UV treated Repair Twine...
Holdfast Haverford Product Range Flat Plastic Net Needles

Flat Plastic Net Needles

Light Gauge (Yellow) CODE LENGTH COLOUR 9146 5" Yellow 9148 5-1/4" Yellow 9147 5-1/2" Yellow 5152 5-3/4" Yellow 5153 6-1/2" Yellow 5154 7-1/4" Yellow   Medium Gauge Plastic: CODE LENGTH...
Quatra Haverford Product Range Bone Net Needles

Bone Net Needles

From $8.00
Introducing Haverford Bone Net Needles, the perfect tool for repairing and rebuilding nets. These net needles are designed with a focus on strength and durability, ensuring they can withstand the...

Even the best netting can sometimes get damaged. Because it is often cheaper to repair netting than replace it, we supply net repair kits.

Haverford Net Repair Kits include Repair Twine and Net Needle. 

Our netting repair accessories can be used to fix sports netting, bird netting and more.