Premium Diamond Mesh

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Our Premium Diamond Mesh is a 1st Grade, light weight, high strength netting suitable for more permanent installations and trying environmental conditions. The black colour ensures the netting is unobtrusive, and the high GSM ensures the netting is designed to last.

Backyard Planted Finch Aviary
Netting Used: 10mm x 10mm premium Diamond Mesh
You Tube Views: 50,000+
"I have had many people over the years message me to ask where I got the mesh from. I have been happy to endorse your mesh and give people a link to your website. I built the aviary almost seven years ago and the mesh looks as good and strong as the first day. Definitely a much better option than metal mesh for many reasons. I was also very pleased with the service I received from your company. Prompt and friendly. Sometime in the future I may build more large aviaries and will certainly be contacting Haverford for more mesh. "

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