Sand Pit Cover

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Quatra Bird Netting Custom Sand Pit Mesh Cover

Custom Sand Pit Mesh Cover

Custom made sand pit mesh cover Perfect for keeping cats and pests out of your sand as well as leaves and other debris. It also allows air to pass through...

Welcome to our Sand Pit Cover Collection, designed specifically for young children, our collection offers a range of sandpits and activity tables that are not only easy to assemble but also provide endless hours of fun.

Whether they're building sandcastles, digging trenches, or simply exploring their imagination, our sandpit covers help protect the sand from wood rot and insect damage, ensuring that your sandpit remains in top condition for years to come. When playtime is over, simply cover the sandpit to keep it clean and ready for the next adventure.

Whether you require a small  sandpit cover for a small backyard or a larger one for a more spacious play area, we have the perfect option for you.