Sapphire Fishing Nets

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Our current range of Sapphire products encompasses:

  • Twisted Nets
  • Braided Nets
  • Cod Ends
  • Twine

 Though some manufacturers claim high twine breaking strength as a critical parameter in assessing the quality of a net, we believe that the ultimate test of nets is in optimizing knot breaking strength and twine abrasion as the nets fail in knots and by abrasion and not by straight breaking of twine.

Sapphire nettings deliver supreme “Knot Breaking Length”, combining two key attributes of “Knot Breaking Strength” and “Twine Runnage”.

Net markers and skippers can now either downsize the twine size and achieve economy in the fuel consumption or utilize the high strength for more demanding applications.
Sapphire netting is designed for reducing the towing resistance, which in turn reduces the fuel consumption and increase the efficiency.

Sapphire Delivers

  • Highest knot breaking length: For given weight Sapphire nets have the highest strength. Allow you to down size. Nets save money by reducing fuel consumption.
  • Compact twine construction: Lowers drag resistance.
  • Knot stability and dimensional uniformity: You get nets with close tolerance on length and mesh size. Knot firmness is unrivalled.


  • Manufactured from Specialized Polymers to enhance performance for successful operations in demanding conditions.
  • Distinctive combination of Highest Knot Breaking Length and Excellent Abrasion Resistance delivers durability and strength ensuring consistent performance of the trawl - voyage after voyage.
  • Ideal Twine Geometry results in lower operating costs and excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Hydrodynamic nets are easier to tow, reduce fuel consumption and improve resistance to wear and tear.
  • Braided twine having Compact Construction restricts mud penetration and provides les drag.
  • Thermo Stabilized for dimensional uniformity and stability of the meshes.

Sapphire twine available in 1kg spools in the following Ply's: