Tarred Nylon Fishing Nets

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Multi-filament nylon netting was introduced in the 1960’s and still remains a popular, economical netting option. Although the introduction of multi-mono and mono netting has reduced the demand for multi-filament netting, it remains a commonly used option for:

Fishing nets
Shark proofing net – in heavy gauge ply
Household general purpose / decoration etc
Sports Barrier Nets

Multi-filament netting is a strong, UV treated netting. It is also a comparatively softer netting than other options. Haverford Double Diamond nylon nets have very tight, single knots.

Multi- filament nylon can also be supplied with a tarred coating. This is achieved by applying a resin tar to the net which hardens, strengthens and increases the lifespan of the net. Tarred nylon netting is generally black in colour.


tarred nylon netting