Black Diamond Mesh Bird Netting 200m x 17m

$1,195.00 $1,044.00
This particular bundle size is currently a Special order item. Wait periods do apply (approx. 12 weeks), so please consider this when planning your netting requirements for next season. Custom sizes up to a maximum of 600m length and 30m width can be accommodated. Please contact our staff on (02) 9771 5288 or via the Contact Us Page.

Our Black Diamond Mesh Bird Netting is our most commonly utilised bird net.

Offering quality at affordable prices, it is primarily used for large expansive coverings.

It is also commonly used on residential backyard fruit trees.


Colour: Black

Manufacture: Knotless Polyethylene

Mesh Size: 16mm x 16mm

GSM (Grams per Sq Metre) : 31

Overall Bundle Size : 200m x 17m

Other: UV Treated


Orchards (commercial and residential)
Vegetable Gardens
Backyard Fruit trees

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Laws relating to household use in Victoria (NOT applicable for Commercial growers)
Recent new regulations have been introduced in the State of Victoria which affects the sale and purchase off certain styles of bird netting for fruit tree use in households only. The law states that fruit netting for Household use must have a mesh-size of 5 mm x 5 mm or less. Based on this criteria this particular netting is not available for sale into VIC for personal household use. The law does not apply to anyone growing for commercial use. Therefore, to purchase this net in VIC, you will need to enter your ABN number found near the add to cart button.