Australian Made Casters

This range of Hand Casters is our Premium Range, Combining the best quality Australian Casters with top of the range Japanese fishing line.

Casters can be supplied:

  • Plain
  • Rigged with Line, Hook and Sinker

Caster Sizes:

  • 4.5", 6", 7.5", 9"

Caster Colours:

  • Green, Blue, Red Yellow

Fishing Line breaking Strains:

  • 6lbs, 9lbs, 11lbs, 14lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs, 40lbs, 50lbs, 60lbs, 80lbs, 100lbs, 150lbs.

Line Length:

  • 4.5" to 6" - 100metres
  • 7.5" to 9" - 200metres